Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Earthmoving to a Fine Detail; House Sites, Driveways and Maintenance, Dual Occupancy Excavations, Landscape Preparation, Rock Placement, Post/Stump Hole Drilling, General Clean Ups, Rubbish and Debris Removal
  • Bulk Transport of Soils, Fill and Quarry Products. 10M3 Tandem & 20M3 Semi Tipper Hire.
  • Fire Hazard Removal; Tractor Slashing and Mulch Mowing, Vegetation Removal and Land Clearing.
  • Retaining Wall Construction and Ornamental Rock Placement
  • Landscaping Public Amenity Areas; Pavilion Construction, Earth and Landscaping, All Facets of Concreting, Irrigation, Public Furniture Supply and Installation, Instant Turf and Lawns, Lighting, Planting and Maintenance.
  • Pasture Improvement; Power Harrowing & Seeding.
  • Weed & Pest Plant Control. Parkworks Environmental Contracting has a Commercial Herbicide Operators Licence.
  • Property Maintenance.